Why Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts?


Using only Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts affords you measurable differences every mile you travel.

Longevity, safety and warranty are just a few of many reasons to buy Genuine Parts.




Oil Filter

Genuine Mercedes-Benz Oil Filters are made to minimize engine wear and not allow unfiltered oil to pass through.






Genuine Mercedes-Benz brakes not only concentrate on 60 to 0 time, but they also offer less noise and help conduct a smoother ride.




Wiper Blades

Genuine Mercedes-Benz Wiper Blades feature a maintenance indicator that can alert you when replacement is necessary.




Air Filter

Unlike other aftermarket filters, Genuine Mercedes-Benz Air Filters feature more pleats, and are made with a softer rubber gasket in order to seal more tightly.




Cabin Filter

Thanks to embedded charcoal construction, Genuine Mercedes-Benz Cabin Filters are darker and its layers feel thicker.




At Mercedes-Benz, we know that what’s riding inside your Mercedes-Benz is what matters most of all. So inside every service experience, you’ll find a level of skill, knowledge, and dedication as exceptional as the vehicle you drive. All so that you can take greater peace of mind along for the ride.




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