Leasing is generally a pretty straightforward experience. A typical lease is where you make a (sometimes substantial) down payment and follow it up with lower monthly payments for a certain period of time. For the down- and monthly payments, you receive the ability to use a new Mercedes-Benz vehicle from Mercedes-Benz of Rochester. During that time, you can drive a specified amount of miles without worrying about the cost of maintenance and upkeep. 

At the end of the lease, you can return the Mercedes-Benz car or SUV to the dealership and take advantage of several other options. These include buying out the rest of the vehicle's value, in which case the car or SUV becomes your own. If you enjoy having a new vehicle every three years or so, you can also return it to the dealership to roll into a new lease of a current model year vehicle. Finally, you can return to Mercedes-Benz of Rochester, turn the keys in, and Uber yourself back home.

It's a good idea to remember, though, that not all lease terms are created equal. Each has various clauses that can be negotiated to improve your standings, both from a financial and ownership standpoint. The question is: Are you savvy enough to be able to spot the differences and how good are your negotiating skills? 

If you are planning on a new lease, the leasing experts at Mercedes-Benz of Rochester are ready to discuss all options that will be available to you. We talked with Finance Manager Esther Odland who told of a few available strategies for Mercedes-Benz guests. Here are a few that have worked with success and some options for getting out of a lease while minimizing any substantial early termination penalty fees. 

Buckle up, and get ready to go.

1. Lower monthly payments with multiple security deposits.

Whether you are leasing a new or a Mercedes-Benz courtesy vehicle program with mileage under 10,000 miles, you will have to pay a security deposit in the neighborhood of a regular monthly payment. Paying the equivalent of a few security deposits upfront could lower your Money Factor or APR, as well as the monthly payments. These fees are usually returned at the end of the lease term, minus any excessive wear and tear. 

One thing to remember is that the amount you have paid as a security deposit is "locked" in for the lease term. It is up to you or your financial advisor to determine if you are better served to keep the money in your pocket or invest this money elsewhere for a higher return.

2. One pay leasing as a way to lower monthly payments 

Mercedes-Benz is eager to get you into a new vehicle and have a variety of ways of doing it. One option is to pre-pay the entire lease, covering the amount owed over the lease term. One of the benefits of pre-paying is that it enables you to lower the Money Factor (APR) so that you would end up saving money over the life of the lease over time. 

3. Month-to-month leasing at the end of the standard lease period

Because of Mercedes-Benz extremely liberal leasing deals, they are always willing to accommodate their guests. Life sometimes gets in the way of such mundane things as a lease, and as a result, the lease needs to be extended for a couple of months. Say, for example, you have come to the end of your Mercedes-Benz S-Class lease, but the new Mercedes-Benz G-Class Galendawagon you have on order has not arrived yet due to factory issues or as a result of delays brought on by the pandemic. Mercedes-Benz of Rochester can help you extend the current lease's length, so you will not find yourself stranded without a vehicle.

4. Transferring your lease

If this were any other year, we might be having a different conversation. With the Covid19 Pandemic, Mercedes-Benz is not accepting any lease transfer requests. Hopefully, the strategies outlined above will help you negotiate a better lease deal or get out of a current lease without paying hefty penalty fees. 

5. Even if you are a high-mileage individual, you can still lease a car

With obvious mileage restrictions, lessees are free to drive the car wherever they want, when they want. Your Mercedes-Benz lease contract details exactly how many miles you can drive per year over the lease term. Typically, the terms are 30,000 miles over a three-year period, which is a cumulative total. So you can drive 7,500 miles the first year, 6,000 the second, and go crazy the final year, up to 16,500 miles without a penalty.

But Mercedes-Benz, in an effort to get as many drivers behind the wheel of their car, will be quite liberal with many of their lease terms and conditions. That means you may buy additional mileage within the lease period for the same amount offered at the lease inception. Please remember that any mileage advance payment will not be refunded at lease termination.

The bottom line is this: Mercedes-Benz USA and the professionals at Napleton's Mercedes-Benz of Rochester want to put you in the vehicle of your dreams today.

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