There are many reasons why, and none can be more important than your reason to ask for an early termination lease from your Mercedes-Benz of Rochester vehicle. That's why the finance managers at our dealership, along with the experts at Mercedes-Benz Financial can help you exit your lease in as gentle a means as possible.

But just what is the best way to remove yourself from the lease rolls of your Mercedes-Benz vehicle? There are definite procedures, and while some of them may have consequences, which might leave a ding on your credit history, there are other exit paths that might not be as harsh. That's why it's a good idea to study, beforehand, the best course of action that will allow you to end your lease early and avoid excessively costly penalties at the same time.

What Caused This Need?

A lessee usually requests to end their lease before the termination date due to a change in lifestyle or financial status. These may include the following examples:

  • Your family needs have changed. Perhaps it just got bigger with the addition of a new baby- or twins! You suddenly realize that the Mercedes-AMG SL Roadster is no longer the appropriate vehicle to carry twin strollers, a playpen and more on weekend trips to the grandparents. Or conversely, the kids have grown up, left the nest and suddenly it's just the two of you again.
  • You suddenly find the need to drive more miles. Perhaps it's that new job that is further away and the idea you may exceed your mileage limits is a real possibility. 
  • A Change of Venue: A move into the city now finds everything you need just a short walk away. It's silly to make payments on a leased vehicle staying in the parking garage all week long.
  • Your financial situation has improved: Your new job pays considerably more than the job you had when you first leased your Mercedes. With the improved salary, you can now step up to the car you always dreamed of.
  • You changed your mind: The car you once thought was the perfect match for you doesn't seem that way anymore.

These are all good reasons to want to change. But you should know the other side of the situation before you sign on the dotted line.

What Happens Next?

First of all, know that Mercedes-Benz wants to work with you in light of your new situation, regardless of what it may be. If you have been affected by the pandemic, whether through illness or job loss, it's always a good idea to contact your lender, whether Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, your bank or your credit union, as a first step to assess your situation. If the lender is Mercedes-Benz Financial, there may be deferral options that help lessees work through it.

In cases where you need a larger vehicle, it's always a good idea to contact your lease specialist at Mercedes-Benz of Rochester because, hey, surprises happen. These specialists are in the best position to help you ease into a different vehicle based on the current mileage, lease term and more. They are waiting for your call.

If your financial situation has improved, again, depending on your current lease position, it may be advantageous to step up to a larger vehicle. Once again, the leasing and finance specialists at Mercedes of Rochester can best evaluate where you would like to be. They evaluate leases on a case-by-case basis and can help you determine what the best scenario will be. 

If you find the need to increase your mileage allowance, we can help. Mercedes-Benz allows customers to "buy-in" for more mileage at the rate originally established at lease inception. MBUSA offers many tiers and mileage levels. Contact the friendly Finance and Insurance officers at Mercedes-Benz of Rochester for more information. 

Transactions may be subject to a Lease disposition fee.

We're Here to Help

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services and Mercedes-Benz of Rochester are willing to work with you to help you, as our customer, find the best way to meet your needs, now and into the future. At Mercedes-Benz of Rochester, we welcome the opportunity to delight you with your Mercedes lease. 

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