Never owned, Gently driven, Exceptionally priced. Lease a Mercedes-Benz Service Loaner

Leasing a Mercedes-Benz vehicle is now more affordable than ever, thanks to a program offered at Napleton's Mercedes-Benz of Rochester, MN. These gently driven, never owned Mercedes-Benz vehicles have made up the fleet of Mercedes-Benz Service Loaners at Rochester, and as such, have been confined to driving around the local area while their owner's cars were being serviced. 

Eventually, as the odometer increases toward 10,000 miles, the vehicles are rotated out of the fleet and reconditioned before being offered for sale. Available models range from the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, C-Class, CLA, GLA, GLC, GLE, E-Class and others.

Plenty of Available Mercedes-Benz Models

Whether you are looking for a luxury coupe, sedan, roadster or SUV, there are sure to be plenty of available models to choose from. These vehicles make up our fleet of service loaners and courtesy vehicles and are retired after a short while, usually within the current model year or just under 10,000 miles, whichever comes first.

In fact, it is here where you will find the luxury vehicle you have been looking for at a price you won't be able to pass up. Since it's one of the newest Mercedes-Benz vehicles on the road, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of leasing, including having the latest technology, performance, intelligence and style that comes with owning or leasing a Mercedes-Benz.

What's the Difference Between a Retired Courtesy Service Vehicle and New?

Retired Courtesy Service Vehicles are low-mileage examples of the same cars you see on our lot at Mercedes-Benz of Rochester. We maintain a fleet of these vehicles so that Mercedes-Benz customers can continue to experience "The Best or Nothing" that Mercedes-Benz offers while their personal vehicle is in for regularly scheduled service. Nothing is lacking on these vehicles, either. They include the latest features such as COMAND, DYNAMIC SELECT and ATTENTION ASSIST. 

How A Car Lease Works

A typical automotive lease involves a customer paying a down payment and then following it up with regular monthly payments for a set period of time. The time frame generally lasts from two to three years and includes a mileage maximum that is averaged over a period of that time frame. For example, if your lease allows 10,000 miles per year, for three years, you can drive 6,000 miles in the first year, 8,000 miles during the second year, and then blow your mind with 16,000 miles in the third! Go wild, we say! 

At the end of the lease (Lease Termination), you are free to do one of three things: you can buy out the rest of the vehicle's value, and then you own the Mercedes-Benz outright. If you enjoy having a new vehicle every three years or so, you are free to return the vehicle in exchange for a new lease. Any equity you have in the car you are returning can be used as a down payment towards your next lease. Finally, you have the option of returning the car to the dealership, handing the lease specialist the keys and walking away.

As you can see, there are many options that will help you get into a Mercedes lease vehicle from Napleton's Mercedes-Benz of Rochester. Please contact our dealership for more 

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